Staying for five years in Jakarta has given good impression for me. Precisely on July 26th, 2006, my parents, my brother and I move to Jakarta. Firstly from Solo we went to Jakarta by airplane for about 45 minutes. Then we went to Sahid Raya hotel for spending night for 3 days. Here, we spent our days to buy the household equipment.

My parents, my brother and I moved in Pasar Minggu, South of Jakarta. We lived in housing complex of Bank Indonesia. The house we live in was peacefully atmosphere.

I lived in Jakarta for year. When my parents, my brother and I were in new place, Jakarta, we got new friends and new neighbors. At the first time we got new friends at our surroundings. We had nice neighbor at that time. They are very friendly and helpful.

I got new friends at my new school. Mostly, my new friends lived not far from housing complex of Bank Indonesia. Some of them were my neighbor.

It also happened to my brother. Because my brother and I were at the same school in primary school, he also got new friends. Some of them have known my brother well because they are my neighbors who study near their house.

I had unforgettable when I was in Elementary school. After going to school, I usually had gathering together with schoolmate of mine. We were usually gathering together in tennis court near our school. It was interesting because I could feel that having many friends are very useful. We could share story, experiences, and anything. Besides we could study together.  We existed getting our friendship until 6th grade of elementary school.

When I was in junior high school, the situation was very different. I had got new friends but not many as in elementary school. Here, almost friends of mine in elementary school were not in same junior high school.   Because of that condition, we rarely met each other. Besides, my junior high school was rather far from my house.  To keep relationship with friends of mine in elementary school we usually went together on Sunday. Even for a while, we felt satisfied. We sometimes used telecommunication technology to keep relationship well like sending SMS.

Now I would like to tell about my family experience when we lived in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. Almost three years my family was in Jakarta. And for three years we also didn’t meet our relatives who live in Solo.

For long period we didn’t meet our relatives in Solo, they come to see us in Jakarta. They took vacation for about a month in Jakarta. I felt happy very much. We went together to Ancol. We chosen Ancol as our destination for spending our vacation as Ancol offers many attractive places like “Istana Boneka” Here, we enjoyed our vacation by taking picture, having lunch together and etcetera.

At Istana Boneka, I felt afraid and inconvenient at that time. I felt afraid and inconvenient because my relatives left me alone. The cart which brought me and my relatives had left me. So I had to stay alone. I felt worry if there was someone who I didn’t recognize at all teased me. Not for a long time the cart which brought my relatives had come. I rather smiled. And my worried about unwanted situation was swap away.

Having vacation with relative of mine was very interesting.  Here, I could truly felt my vacation. I usually spent my vacation of school by seeing agriculture shop with my parents and my brother. We usually bought some plants and flowers. That’s why; my house in Jakarta was full of many various plants and flowers.

Entering years of 5th, my parents, my brother and I had to move to Solo. We move to Solo because of my parents work. We move to Solo in 2005.

Now, I feel happy because I could gather with my relatives in Solo.  I can see my relatives in Solo any time I want. Besides, I don’t worry with traffic jam like in Jakarta.

In Solo, I get many new


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